Each feature in Bloo is designed to be simple, yet powerful. This page gives you an overview of how Bloo works.


Our features are designed to be easy to use and straight-forward, even for first time users.


Behind the simplicity, Bloo is powerful. The entire platform is scalable to thousands of use cases.


Every month, we update Bloo with new features, usability improvements, and enhancements.


Every project contains all the tools you need to move work forwards and get things done.


We do not have any limits of the number of projects that you can have.


We do not have any limits of the number of projects that you can have.


Instantly see who has which level of permission, and switch permissions on-the-fly


Group projects into folders, and drag and drop to reorder them in your sidebar.


Create instant and easy-to-follow process in your organization with todo boards.


Create unlimited lists and up to 100,000 todos per list to track projects at scale.


Advanced filters and keywords search are there when you need to instantly find the specific data you need


Drag and drop todos between lists to organize work and the entire board is realtime on all your devices.


Use todos to track anything. From a literal list of things to get done, all way to tracking inventory, invoices, and documents, the possibilities are endless.

Communicate with context

There's a dedicated discussion area for every todo.

Be Flexible

Create your own data structure with custom fields.

Create accountability

See who's doing what, and when they'll get it done.

Repeat it

Create regular process by setting todos to repeat at any schedule you like

Stay Organized

Use tags to categorize your work and break down large projects into manageable pieces.

How you can use Podact

Project Management

Keep projects such as store openings and marketing initiative on time and on budget.

Sales CRM

Over $100m of sales are tracked in Bloo, and we've been voted the #4 best CRM for SMEs.


Track your new hires, create onboarding and offboarding processes, and share manuals.

File Storage

Track your new hires, create onboarding and offboarding processes, and share manuals.


Track both your accounts payable and receivable in Bloo, and visually see what's coming in next.

Client Services

Invite your clients in Bloo and provide a true client portal with a high degree of transparency.

Podact support features

Better Planning

Project is temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service, or result

Traffic Monitor

Goals and objectives, tipically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

Product Journey

The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast of business as usual (or operations)

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The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes you to accomplish it. Get it sorted today with Prodact

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